The economy is “the largest bubble in global history,” according to R. Kiyosaki, who advises abandoning paper assets

"the largest bubble in global history"

Robert Kiyosaki, the author of the personal finance book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” has increased his critical attitude on the world economy amid widespread worries about an imminent recession. Indeed, Kiyosaki claimed in a tweet on November 25 that the global economy is what he called “the biggest bubble in history,” adding to his dour … Read more

Bitcoin Whales Crumble As Markets mimic Late 2018: Glassnode

Bitcoin Whales Crumble As Markets mimic Late 2018: Glassnode

Long-term holders and BTC whales are suffering as prices continue to fall, with their holdings mimicking the late phases of the 2018 bear market. Glassnode, a blockchain analytics startup, revealed in its ‘Week on-chain’ report on Nov. 21 that recent market downturn has shaken the confidence of Bitcoin holders.” It determined that more whales are … Read more

As “More Bodies to Surface,” the outlook for bitcoin and ether prices is bleak

The outlook for bitcoin and ether prices is bleak

Bitcoin and ether prices are expected to experience more volatility over the next nine months as the industry picks up the pieces after the shocking failure of FTX. As of 9 am ET, bitcoin and ether were each trading at $16,800 and $1,260, respectively, down approximately 20% over the previous week and 65% year to … Read more

Bitcoin jumps $15 billion as CPI data is lower than expected

Bitcoin jumps $15 billion

The recent U.S. Consumer Price Index (CPI) data provided better results for October than initially anticipated, halting the drop of the largest digital asset, Bitcoin, and relieving pressure on the cryptocurrency sector brought on by the FTX drama. The 7.7% number is a 40 basis point drop from the reading from September. Despite the Federal … Read more

Wildest 48 hours in Crypto EVER!

Wildest 48 hours in Crypto EVER!

As the crypto market awaits the FTX-Binance transaction, bitcoin drops below $17,000 As concerns regarding Binance’s ability to carry out its previously disclosed plan to acquire continued to roil markets, the price of bitcoin is currently trading below $17,000. According to TradingView statistics, Bitcoin on Coinbase earlier reached a low of $16,913. The most … Read more

Polygon can be in the top 3 with Bitcoin, Ethereum

Polygon can be in the top 3 with Bitcoin, Ethereum

Following Chair Powell’s speech and the Federal Reserve’s announcement of interest rates, the cryptocurrency market took a minor swing. Top tokens like Bitcoin and Ethereum experienced losses that reached 1% on a daily basis and hadn’t fully recovered. However, the story was quite different with MATIC, a native token of Polygon. The 11th-ranked cryptocurrency was … Read more

Bitcoin jumps to $20,600 as the Federal Reserve announces a 75 basis point rate increase

Bitcoin jumps to $20,600

Following its regularly scheduled meeting of the Federal Open Markets Committee on Wednesday, the Federal Reserve increased its benchmark interest rate by an additional 75 basis points. As expected, Bitcoin fluctuated after the news and shot up by more than $200. The new policy rate, which was announced at 18:00 UST on Wednesday, is 3.75%. … Read more

Managing $500 billion in assets Apollo introduces Bitcoin custody for business clients

Apollo started storing crypto

Apollo Global Management Inc., one of the top asset managers in the world with $515 billion in assets under management, has started storing cryptocurrency on behalf of its clients through a partnership with the digital asset platform Anchorage Digital as part of a major effort to provide cryptocurrency to institutional investors. It’s interesting that the … Read more

This week in cryptocurrencies, there are four things to watch for

This week in cryptocurrencies

The crypto markets might be in for a scare with Halloween just around the corner, especially if the macroeconomic outlook worsens. Significantly low volatility in the two biggest cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Ether, is eerily reminiscent of the year 2018 just before the markets finally capitulated. Some traders are anxious because of it and the weak … Read more