BNB Chain announces zero-knowledge proof scaling technology – zkBNB

BinLaance’s Layer 1 BNB chain has announced its own zero-knowledge (ZK) proof scaling technology, called zkBNB. As Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin noted in his ‘Endgame’ paper, zero-knowledge proofs are one of the potential long-term alternatives for decentralized blockchain scaling. It is a new scalability and privacy technique that uses mathematical proofs to allow the verification … Read more

Gaming firm Gameplay Galaxy raises $12.8 million in seed funding to build decentralized competitive games

Gameplay Galaxy, the developer of web2 sports and racing games, raised $12.8 million in a seed round to grow its portfolio of decentralized competitive games. Users will be able to own racing-related gaming assets, like as racetracks and characters, as NFTs that can be purchased and traded on a decentralized marketplace through Gameplay Galaxy’s competitive … Read more

LG Taps Hedera Blockchain for NFT Marketplace

LG Electronics, the South Korean TV behemoth, announced the launch of a non-fungible token marketplace, LG Art Lab, possibly opening up NFT collecting to a much larger audience. Users will be able to explore, purchase, sell, and trade NFTs on LG’s smart television sets using the newest platform, which is based on the Hedera blockchain. … Read more

UK elects crypto-friendly Liz Truss as new prime minister

Liz Truss is set to become the United Kingdom’s next prime minister after winning the election to replace Boris Johnson as Conservative Party leader. It is quite possible that Ms. Truss’s response to the cost of living crisis, which she vowed to implement within days of assuming office, will define both her premiership and her … Read more

Australian Federal Police Set Up Crypto Unit

According to the Australian Financial Review, the Australian Federal Police (AFP), the country’s primary law enforcement body, has established a new section dedicated to combating cryptocurrency-related criminal activity. Stefan Jerga, the agency’s officer in charge of confiscating illegal assets, argues that there has been a considerable increase in the amount of cryptocurrency-related offenses. As a … Read more

Here’s What’s Coming for Cardano (ADA) After Big Vasil Upgrade, According to Creator Charles Hoskinson

Cardano (ADA) creator Charles Hoskinson is revealing what`s next for the Ethereum (ETH) rival`s blockchain after the highly anticipated Vasil upgrade. In a new video, Hoskinson confirms the release date of the hard fork  Vasil is September 22nd, an upgrade that aims to increase the scalability of Cardano. Once the big Vasil update is up … Read more